This price list corresponds to basic services on advanced electronic design. There are 4 different levels corresponding to different degrees of vinculation with the unit.

Four different cases are considered:

UB: Group UB

ExtUB: Centers R+D+I with UB participation

Pub: Public R+D+I Centers

Priv: Private Entities

The prices, in EUR per hour, are as follow:

  1. Consulting on Advanced Electronic Design: UB: 55, ExtUB: 65, Pub: 75, Priv: 85
  2. Prototyping: UB: 60, ExtUB: 70, Pub: 80, Priv: 90
  3. Electrical and Functional characterization of Prototypes: UB: 60, ExtUB: 70, Pub: 80, Priv: 90

Detailed Pro-Forma invoices will be issued when required by the characteristics of the requested service, either by duration or complexity.


Price list approved on Sep. 26th 2013, by "Comissió Econòmica del Consell de Govern" of the University of Barcelona.