Welcome to SiUB

SiUB is an instrumentation service of the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona created with the aim of providing a service on instrumentation design, development and test to research groups of the UB and other research institutions and to enhance industry tecnology transfer. The unit holds expertise to develop instrumentation in the fields of: Biomedical Instrumentation, RF and Microwave Systems, Scientific Instrumentation, Radiation Detection, Space Applications, etc.

The organization of the unit seeks to combine efficiency and innovation. While experienced engineers and technicians work on the execution of the projects following industrial quality procedures, associate researchers provide state of the art knwoledge in their respective fields.

Among other services, the unit offers:

  • Analog and mixed mode microelectronics design
  • Design of reconfigurable hardware (FPGA)
  • Design and test of cards (PCB) and systems
  • Design low power, biomedical and low noise electronics
  • Design of Power Management and Smart-Power units
  • Design of fast photosensor (PMT, SiPM, MPPCs, APDs) readout electronics
  • Design and modeling of discrete and integrated RF components and devices
  • Design of RF integrated circuits (RFIC)
  • Test and measurement of RF systems and components
  • EMI / EMC characterization
  • Radiation detectors design, simulation and test
  • Semiconductor sensor and photosensor modeling and characterization
  • Design and test of radiation tolerant systems for scientific and space applications

SiUB is also interested to collaborate in competitive R&D projects with other groups and institutions, at national and international level, providing a solid background on the above mentioned fields.

Job openings