About us

SiUB is a new center of the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona whose aim is to provide a service on instrumentation and electronics design, development and test service to research groups of the UB and other research institutes and to enhance industry tecnology transfer. It is a service in the field of Advanced Electronic Design Innovation Systems (Servei per la Innovació del Disseny Electrònic Avançat de Sistemes a la UB, Servei Ideas UB, or SiUB). The unit has been created after the proposal of three research groups focused on both the field of research and the transfer of services. These groups are:

Experimental High Energy Physics Research Group, linked to the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICC-UB) and to the UB FQA Department.
Nanobioengineering and Bioelectronics Research Group, linked to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and to the UB Department of Electronics.
Radio Frequency Research Group (GRAF) linked to the CEMIC ("Engineering Center for Micro and Nanosystems Instrumentation and Communications" network member TECNIO action Government of Catalonia) and to the UB Department of Electronics.

The objectives of the center are:
• Enable and enhance the participation of groups and institutions involved in projects that involve development of advanced electronic instrumentation.
• Create a technological center to allow the transfer of academic knowledge to industry and taking a step further to provide a professional service to research activities.
• Strengthen collaboration with other research centers.

The organization of the unit seeks to combine efficiency and innovation. While experienced engineers and technicians work on the execution of the projects following industrial quality procedures, associate researchers provide state of the art knwoledge in their respective fields.

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