Cards and PCBs


The SPD Very Front End board:

  • Functionality: perform the discrimination between photons and charged particles
  • Includes different components:
    • Photomultiplier tube (PMT): convert light into electric charge.
    • ASICs: integrate the PMT charge and apply the thresholds to discriminate signals at 40 MHz.
    • Control unit: Actel ProASIC FPGA.
    • LVDS serializers: send data at 480 Mbit/s over 30 m cable.
  • All components are radiation tolerant qualified.

More info here.

SPD Power Regulator Board

SPD Power Regulator Board:

  • Functionality: VFE card power source (6 different voltages).
  • May power up to 7 VFE cards.
  • Current & voltage real time monitoring.
  • Temperatire monitoring of all connected cards.
  • Fast fuses to minimize radiation SEL effects on VFE serializers.

More info here.

Multipurpose test board

FPGA based multipurpose test boards:

  • Function: general solution for prototyping and testing
  • Altera commercial version discontinued
  • Extended design based in the same philosophy but with
    • increased number of pins
    • a more powerful FPGA (Stratix II)
    • USB connection to PC for both data transfer and for FPGA programming